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Flag Beach Surf Camp has been regarded as the best value surfing experience in Fuerteventura for over 10 years. Since that time we have been spreading our love for surfing and the ocean with thousands of beginner surfers coming to learn with us from all over Europe.

Our Surfing Courses

We operate a mobile surf school; this means we drive our surf students to the beach that is offering the best surfing conditions on a given day. As waves in the Canary Islands depend on the swell direction, size, wind and many other factors and since here in Fuerteventura North we have more than 10 different surfing beaches we can always take you to a perfect beginner/intermediate surf spot. What’s more you can choose the course duration that suits your holiday plans.


Beginner surfing course

Our beginner courses are designed for people that have had no or very little experience with surfing, it’s an introduction to surfing. Our surfer dudes will teach you how to paddle and surf to catch the best waves.

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Save with our holiday packages

Our holiday packages give you the best bang for your buck. You can choose from a range of accommodation: luxury hotels or self catering apartments to our budget surf hostel. Add to that our surfing course and equipment hire for the full Flag Beach experience.

Packages can include

From €197

  • Surfing lessons
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment hire
  • Airport pickup
  • Beach transfers
  • Breakfast/lunch pack
  • Insurance
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