Kite Surfing

Welcome to kitesurf paradise - learn, progress and enjoy

Welcome to Flag Beach Kitesurfing Centre. We have been teaching kiting here since 1999. If you are looking for a fun and adventure packed holiday our Fuerteventura kitesurfing experience will deliver. No matter whether you have never stood on a surfboard or are a kitesurfing whizz, Flag Beach is the perfect place to get your feet wet.

Our kitesurfing courses

We have a course to fit everyones ability here at Flag Beach. We cater for all levels of skill and experience. You can choose the course duration that suits your holiday plans.


Beginner kitesurfing course

Our beginner courses are designed for people that have had no or very little experience with kitesurfing, great to try the taste of kitesurfing. Our instructors will teach you the ropes and you’ll have a great time exploring your sport.

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Intermediate kitesurfing course

Our intermediate kitesurfing courses are a match for you if you have had kitesurfing lessons before but you can’t yet ride on a board. We also have some more specific courses to teach you better kite riding skills and control of the board and the kite.

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I want to become a more independent kitesurfer


Private kitesurfing course

Want to get 100% of our instructor’s attention? If you are a little shy and don’t like group lessons or you are an experienced kite rider and need pro tips, our private courses can get you to the next level. We can get you comfortable with board and kite or teach you jumps, turns, rotations, you name it! It’s a one to one course, tailored just for you.

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Save with our holiday packages

Our holiday packages give you the best bang for your buck. You can choose from a range of accommodation: luxury hotels or self catering apartments to our budget surf hostel. Add to that our kitesurfing course and equipment hire for the full Flag Beach experience.

Packages can include

From €290 per week

  • Kite Surfing lessons
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment hire
  • Airport pickup
  • Beach transfers
  • Breakfast/lunch pack
  • IKO book and card
  • Insurance
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For a price you won’t see anywhere else on the island!

Effective teaching

For beginners we start day 1 with theory and getting the basics right on the beach. You’ll then have a 3 hours self-improvement session for free.

Our water lessons are taught from the boat, which means you’ll spend 100% of your lesson time in the water. That means no dragging your kite up the beach! plus we are able to search for wind with more guarantees.

Small group size

We only teach in small groups. 4 per instructor in beach lessons and 2 per instructor in water lessons.

Other schools tend to keep to 4 even in the water, but we believe you’ll get more out of your lesson with us!

Top instructors

We have over 35 years experience in teaching kitesurfing collectively.

We are a VDWS recognized centre offering the kite qualification. Our instructors are also IKO certified.

Excellent equipment

We’re friendly and patient. It’s all about you having a good time after all.

We teach in 6 languages: English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Polska

We also have lots of other watersports on offer, so you certainly won’t get bored with us.

Our costs are 50% lower than our competitors


While you are exploring your inner kitesurfer we put your safety first. That’s why our 3 boats are all equipped with first aid kits, VHF radios, mobile phones and all have 90 HP engines.

We also run a rescue cover service specifically designed for private kiters.

Rescue cover

We strongly advise all private kiters (people not hiring from us) to take out this rescue cover. For 30 Euros advance payment you can cover for up to 15 days unlimited rescues, and we’ll find your board too! If you don’t have cover, we won’t leave you stranded, but you’ll be charged 100 Euros for the single rescue.